Larry Freedman, keyboards
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Native New Yawker, Larry Freedman, came to Albuquerque in 1975 when an accident in the space-time continuum caused him to switch places with his counterpart from a parallel universe. His counterpart is a big gangsta-country star in the other universe.
I've been playing music (and breathing second-hand smoke from nicotine addicts) in Albuquerque since 1975. I've played with Haywire, Charlie Summons Blues Band, Isleta Poor Boys, Blues Kings, Del Rios, Vibralux, Rattlecats,and building to a tumultuous musical climax while achieving musical nirvana with Joanie Griffin and Combo Special. I play lots of happy hour solo piano gigs as well as arts and crafts fairs, etc.

I've also played with Charlie Musselwhite, Otis Rush, James Cotton, and Bo Diddley. I also tell people what to watch on TV. That's right, I watch TV and I'm pround of it!! So sue me!!!
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