Bob Barron, bass guitar and vocals
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I rode in on one of the first waves of electric rock bands in Albuquerque. Over the years, I've played my '65 Fender Jazz bass with lots of great musicians in lots of great bands. I bought my bass brand new back when I was playing with the popular teen band, the "Pallbearers". At that same time, Albuquerque blues man, Stan Hirsh, was playing with the popular teen band, the "Morticians".

I feel fortunate to have worked at John Wagner Recording Studios where I learned about sound recording. I've played bass on many radio and TV commercials as well as many music projects. I also had a song writing career with local talent Carl Silva which produced three nationally released albums in the early 70's under the name "Heart" (see also this site).

But the most amazing thing is, I have been enjoying New Mexican food even longer than I have been playing bass. For my recipe for a great combo special plate, click Bob's combo special plate.
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